May 7th, 2013
A Doctor who became a designer

Mr. Muhammed Shiroz a doctor by profession had many ideas regarding how the interiors of his house should be and his inspirations were the articles read in various architectural magazines. 

Project Specifications

Architect : Arun Vidyasagar

Project Type : House

Client : Dr.Muhammed Shiroz, Kolenchery Mission Medical Hospital

The living rooms in this house are renovated forms of a 12 year old villa. The guest living room is made more spacious with the help of a glass door. The furniture and curtains are all imported. In the middle of this living room the floor is made glamorous by two layered toughened glass where onyx pebbles are filled in between. The L.E.D. lamps provided here, when switched on gives a shining effect to these pebbles. One wall is texture painted and made in to a show wall with a 3D painting on it.

A doctor who became a designer

A doctor who became a designer

This house has a family living cum dining area. In the middle of this room a medallion (A marble piece with a particular design) is provided on the floor. An L shaped sofa and a teapoy with a leaf shaped vitrified tile inlayed in glass is really a novel idea. A round table with chairs is the only furniture in the dining area. On dining area wall modern art form of picture is done. Also three niches with show-piece are also an eye-catcher. A skylight provided above the dining area gives enough of natural light to come into this area.

A blend of slope, flat and pergola type of roofs gives a contemporary look to this house. The curve shaped verandah also gives an ethnic touch to the exterior. The new trends and the usage of modern amenities with utmost care is the speciality of this renovation. The greenery of the landscape along with the metal stone pathway is another attraction. Square shaped fountain is another eye-catching area. The fountain is made of concrete and the L.E.D lights add a silver touch to the water and the landscape. The exterior verandah is also very simple and elegant. Planter boxes with plants really make the greenery more cool and relaxed.

The walls of all the bedrooms are decorated with wall papers. These wall papers can be used differently and can be changed frequently according to ones wish as this is easy removable and cheap. Also different varieties of designs and colors are available. Sand finished, floral design, designs with golden lines etc are used in this house. The soft furnishing really meets the colors of the wall papers. Dressing areas are provided in all the bedrooms. A walk-in wardrobe in dressing area is the attraction of the master bedroom.

The kitchen is modular with black and white theme. The flooring is also done with black and white tiles. The same colored furniture is provided in the pantry area. An opening from the kitchen to the pantry area helps to pass the food easily from the kitchen to the pantry.

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