May 7th, 2013
A Rare House

A house from Kerala having its own website sounds strange. right ? Mr. Salim Bawa’s residence at Kakkanad , Cochin is an exception. 

Project Specifications

Architect : Mr. Sunil John

Project Type : House

Client : Mr. Salim Bawa

Location : Kakkanad, Cochin

Area : 10,000 sq. ft

May 7th, 2013
A Rare House

Many resorts, home stays etc have their own websites. Some houses too have uploaded their details. Among this include the famous Ambanis’s which were in news recently. But a house from Kerala having its own website sounds strange. Right ? Mr. Salim Bawa’s residence in Kakkanad , Cochin is an exceptional. Keeping all the norms and principles of vastu, Mr. Sunil John of Anandasrami Architects has designed their villa, providing the utmost luxury and all the modern facilities.

This huge bungalow is 10000 in sq. ft and has 17 rooms. The living cum dinning , pantry cum family dining, modern and archaic kitchen, study cum library, home theatre, health club, bathrooms with facilities for spa and steam bath, water treatment room servants room, electrical cum generator room, verandah, car porch which can accommodate six cars , shuttle and badminton court, private garden etc makes this bungalow very special.

Almost all the facilities are concentrated on the ground floor. First floor is the entertainment zone, the second floor has the water treatment plant and the underground is designed as the utility room.
According to Mr. Salim Bawa who is the Managing director of Rock one builders, the plot which is 33 cents was purchased in 2005 and was in a sloping position. Mr. Sunil the architect used the Australian mode of elevation and also utilized very cleverly the slope shape of the land and designed the villa in a five star level luxury.

One highlight is the usage of Australian technology in the roofing system. Australian clip lock sheets which are used in the villas of some international celebrities are used here for a change. To avoid maximum maintenance the exterior is done with aluminium composite paneling. Another highlight is the luxury style lighting. During night hours the interior is full of light with L.E.D and optical fibre light. With the help of home automation system various adjustments or moods can be created with the help of light.

The interiors of this house is a mix of modern and ancient Kerala style. For this the combination of steel and wood is used. The gate, the pillars in the verandah, the steel skirting given for wooden flooring, steel handrail and ebony wood staircase etc are some of them to be named.

Variety of show pieces or curiouses make this villa a remarkable one. Art pieces which are fibre but painted in metallic, wooden art pieces, crystal pieces, various types of clocks, fan with original palm leaves, Aquarium, glass wash basin, World famous Marans home theatre, pebble garden, bamboo trees etc., are some of the luxury items used in the bungalow.

Mr. Bawa was very particular to have a home which no one has seen yet and he was also peculiar about the utmost luxury. Mr. Sunil John really helped him to make his ideas and gave him this ‘luxurious happy home’.

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