Regi's artistic sensibilities form a figurative bridge between classical design and cutting-edge modernity 

April 26th, 2013
Blending art, business in illumination

Regis Mathieu, born and brought up in France, has been the face of the family business, Mathieu Lustrerie, for over 20 years now.

Mathieu Lustrerie was conceived by Regis’ father. It was founded on the concept of the art of illumination. The company restores and recreates antique chandeliers, lamps and sconces that are artistically and historically significant. They also create originals that are executed masterfully, using the knowledge of craft that has been accumulated over many centuries, thereby making each individual creation a masterpiece.

Regis Mathieu

Regis Mathieu

Though Regis is an MBA from CECE (European Center for Foreign Exchange Market Studies) in Marseilles, France, it is commonly assumed that Regis has studied art formally – such is his knowledge and passion for art. His formal education in business has helped him develop an empire out of what was once a local enterprise. Such is his love for art and beauty that he also collects old cars and antique chandeliers as a hobby.

Mix of classical, modern

Regis’ artistic sensibilities form a figurative bridge between classical design and cutting-edge modernity. He derives inspiration from artists from different eras, giving him a wider and more diverse outlook. To rekindle his creativity whenever needed, Regis often looks up to Charles Garnier, the architect of the Opera de Paris, as well as Jean-Michel Franck who, to him, represents 20th century modernity.Cartier Hong Kong 2

Regis’ business philosophy reflects his reverence for the artistry of the great masters who have created incandescent marvels. He catalogues the history of these masterpieces and replicates the techniques used by the masters in order to preserve their grandeur, art, and technique. It is his unmatched finesse and attention to detail that has brought him the privilege of working for wonders of the world such as Château de Versailles (Hall of Mirrors), Farnesse Palace in Rome (Italy), Cosmos Club in Washington, and many more.

Charmed by India

As Regis continues to expand his empire, his own aesthetic horizons continue to grow. Regis has been captivated by India’s colourful history and its rich fusion of culture. He reaps inspiration from the potpourri of diversity that is India. He constantly learns from his environment and his inspirations, and infuses it into his creations.

Mathieu Lustrerie – Unique concept, family values

A unique concept and an unfathomable passion enveloped in family values has been quite a successful recipe for Mathieu Lustrerie.Regis Mathieu is overseeing this enterprise – created by Henri Mathieu in 1948 – since the early age of 20.

Mathieu Lustrerie deals with the art of lighting. Apart from designing and manufacturing high-end lamps, sconces, chandeliers and other lighting products, it also restores and replicates antique chandeliers.

Humble beginnings

What began as a local business has soared to a global level today. A preferred choice for restoring and replicating priceless antique chandeliers, Mathieu Lustrerie has worked for architectural marvels such as the Philadelphia Academy of Music (USA), Opera Garnier in Paris, Opera Garnier in Monaco, Château de Versailles (Hall of Mirrors), Farnesse Palace in Rome (Italy), Cosmos Club in Washington, and others.BI14

Mathieu Lustrerie imitates the original techniques applied by the renowned artisans to a tee in order to keep the essence of the relic intact.

Varied inspirations

The Mathieu Lustrerie creations derive inspirations from the past as well as the present. There modern designs can be witnessed at various famous fashion houses such as that of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, Hermès, and Christian Dior worldwide.Opera de Monaco2

The company’s prowess at what they do has been acknowledged by the stalwarts of this field such as Philip Starck, Alberto Pinto, Peter Marino, Jacques Garcia, Juan-Pablo Molyneux, Pierre-Yves Rochon, David Linley, Kelly Hoppen, David Collins, Nina Campbell and others, who have bought the Mathieu Lustrerie creations.

Each creation unique

Each piece is created keeping in mind the environment and the occasion or purpose. The enterprise’s focus has always been on quality and providing what is sought. Each manufactured piece is a proud display of adroit artistry, dexterity and uniqueness. The knowledge of the craftsmanship of renowned artisans is utilised by Mathieu Lustrerie to create the masterpieces of tomorrow.

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