August 2nd, 2013
Five-Star Comfort

This is a home designed in European style in a 13, 000 sq. ft. area. The first level in the basement is the car porch. The second basement level consists of a swimming pool and health club. The next two floors are family areas and there is an entertainment area as well and also a watch tower in the fifth floor.

Whatever happens at home can be captured and seen or heard in a camera or a mobile phone from any part of the world. This home, built with innovative technology, is not situated abroad, but right at Kakkanad in Kerala.  The owner, Prince Varghese believes in advanced technology and so his home follows a similar style. Interior designer Jomon Panangatt and structural engineer Biju Thomas are behind the construction of this dream home.

The ground floor is parallel to the road. The steps in the front frame work lead to foyer. In the two basements below are available a car park, the driver’s room, a utility area, a swimming pool and a health club.

The guest living and family living areas are structured differently. Most of the walls are made of glass so that light filters in and the rooms are open and bright. There is a lift facility on all floors. There is a modular kitchen as well as a working kitchen facing the dining room. There are two bedrooms having attached bathrooms, along with a balcony and a dressing area on the ground floor. There is an additional bedroom as well, with a common bathroom. Apart from these,  there is also a children’s area, home theatre and an upper living room on the first floor. All furniture, furnishing, lights, fans and flooring material are imported and are of high standard. The ceiling in every room is highlighted and made attractive with unique design patterns.

The entertainment area is on the fifth floor. This is one of the most luxurious spaces inside the home, furnished with counters, accessories and seatings imported from Spain. The counter is built of pine wood with a rough finish. A long hall, a sitting area and a bath attached bedroom, designed in a completely European style, fill up this luxury entertainment area.  The beauty of the exterior can be enjoyed from the top of the watch tower provided on the terrace.

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