May 7th, 2013
Hidden behind the Veil

Hiding the beauty with a show wall is the speciality of this luxurious house. The modern and aesthetic bungalow behind the show wall really gives us a mind-blowing experience. 

Project Specifications

Architect : Mr.Brijesh Shilaj

Client : Mr. Muhammed Shafi

Location : Malappuram

May 7th, 2013
Hidden behind the Veil

Mr. Muhammed Shafi while discussing about his dream home with architect Brijesh Shilaj kept only one condition that his house should be a novel one which is not seen anywhere. Keeping this in mind Mr. Brijesh designed a very simple and beautiful house for Mr. Shafi. This was done by keeping in mind the fact that Mr. Shafi who is a business man in Malappuram, follows a very simple lifestyle and is not at all a show-off july 2

The show-wall also acts as a separation between the interior and exterior. The wall is curve in shape which is slightly slanting towards the end. It is also made more attractive with the sand texture. The inner side of the show-wall becomes a part of the living room where small box windows are provided. A small water body is provided before the verandah instead of an aquarium. This is made more glamorous by providing glass steps to the verandah so that the waterbody could be viewed while entering into the verandah.

The car porch and the entrance to the verandah all gives a contemporary look to the villa. The pergola provided above the car porch has helped ample flow of daylight in to the porch. Zigzag level of planning is another highlight of this bungalow. From the lobby, the living room is visible but not the kitchen and the dining area. Whereas from the living, the dining area can be seen and the kitchen is visible only from the dining. The interiors are made outstanding by using the laminate named july 3

The soft colours like white used for flooring and in rooms always compel the owner to keep them clean. Another attraction is the big windows which helps maximum air circulation and maximum light to enter in to the house. For example a window stretching from the top of the double sky lit living room to the bottom is extra ordinary and also gives a new style to the elevation.

The open terrace on the first floor is also ideally utilized for drying clothes. It can also be converted into a party area when required. In this way all the facilities and necessities are hid behind this show wall.

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