December 27th, 2013

Project Specifications

December 27th, 2013


Can one build a house in less than one cent area? The sudden impulse is to suggest that a kennel could be built in that area. But a beautiful house with an area of 595 sq. ft. in a 1 ¼ cent plot, that too occupying less than ¾ cent has been built. If it’s difficult for you to believe, you can see it by yourself, the only condition is that you have to go up to Japan.

This beautiful small house has been designed by architect  Kota Mizuishi (Mizuishi  Architect, Attiliar, Tokyo, Japan) at Suginami in Japan. A triangular plot by the lake side where the road and lake joins and more over the road ends there. Hence several rules and regulations had to be followed while designing the house for a small family consisting of father, mother and their children.

“Though it was a small plot, I wanted to take advantage of having the vicinity of the lake side. As the plot was a triangular one, I designed the house in acute triangle shape. The house is constructed in three levels under the high roof. As it was close to road and lake, several regulations had to be followed.” Says Kota Mizuishi.

The house follows the open policy. Private area in ground floor and the area could be separated using curtains and walls were constructed only for toilets. In the first floor, rooms are separated with thin walls. The stair leads to the most spacious region of the house, the kitchen cum dining area. As the ceiling is very high, one gets the impression that it has got several levels. The living area and the middle region are comparatively less high. Both sides of the living area have large glass panels. While sitting in the bay windows and balcony of the living room, one gets the feeling of being floating in the lake. The spare room on the East is designed sharp in accordance to the flow of the lake. Below the sky lights at the loft in the first floor, one can relax seeing the lake below and the sky above. The architect has succeeded in incorporating all the needed facilities in just 595 Sq. ft

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GI sheets have been used for the construction of the roof while siding wood board and GI sheets are used for exterior walls. Flooring is done using wood. Windows are made using aluminum and steel. Inside walls and falls sealing are made using plaster boards, painted with acrylic emulsion paint. All the furniture are made out of plywood.

When the land price increase day after day and the availability of land, even to build a tree house is turning out to be a tedious thing, the relevance of such houses is ever increasing in Kerala. It’s possible to build a similar house in Kerala in accordance with the climatic conditions by adhering to the building regulations and finding new construction methods. Can’t we try a house in a cent?

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