May 7th, 2013
Less is more

Project Specifications

Architect : Vinay Mohan

Client : Muhammed Haneefa

Location : Kariyad,Thalassery

Area : 23 cent

Architect Vinay Mohan and client Muhammed Haneefa believed in planning the interiors of the rooms rather than adding unwanted elements and shapes to intensify the beauty of the exteriors. They wanted the elevation to be sculptured according to the interiors. The exteriors include a drive way with interlocking bricks, verandah, car porch and balcony. A contemporary look is given to the exteriors by adding sleek windows and concrete roof tops. The car porch has an opening in between along with the glass truss work. The contrasting black colored leather granite and ‘Kalaai’ stone adds to the beauty of the verandah while white marble flooring is used for the interiors. Artificial grass is used in the courtyard along with sleek windows and natural stone cladding. Box type paneling with plywood finish is used for the bedroom ceilings. The staircase is designed in a piano model where on top of the concrete a wooden piece is fixed. Artificial grass is used for flooring in the balcony.

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