May 8th, 2013
Modular Design

The office building is designed such that further renovations can be done 

Project Specifications

Architect : Arun Vidyasagar

Client : Binoy Nisha & Co.

Location : Panampilly Nagar, Kochi

Area : 1800 sq. ft

Award : IIA Asian Paints Royal Gold Leaf

May 8th, 2013
Modular Design

The entire building can be considered as a single module with rooms as smaller modules. This concept of “modular design development pattern “was implemented by Ar. Arun Vidyasagar here. The office building is designed such that further renovations can be done. Interior-Arun-mar12--1024x682Attempts to overcome the hurdle of cramped spaces have been made here. The combination of grey & white shades along with the light shaded furniture helps with the spacious look. Grey walls, glass separations and a small pebble garden are some specialties of this building. The interiors are commendable and designed for small spaces. Tiles and wooden laminates are used for flooring and lights are set on suspended wooden trough. Windows allow for the free passage of air when the AC is not in use.

Towards the left of the reception is an office room from where everything can be monitored easily. The office cabin is on the ground floor. For easy communication and more space, partitions are not given. Each section of the cabin is equipped with wooden shelves, and a small pantry area is also provided near the office cabin. The windows are in UPVC instead of wood. The staircase steps are of violet wood.

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