May 7th, 2013
Naturally Built

The house is built in three levels. A good combination of natural and architectural ideas enhanced the eloquence of beauty. 

Project Specifications

Architect : Muhammed Aslam

Client : Hameed Kurikkal

Location : Maalamkulam, Malappuram

Area : 4 acre

May 7th, 2013
Naturally Built

Every thing comes from nature and returns to nature’ . This is the motto of Architect Mr.Muhammed Aslam who runs an architectural firm in Kondotty. When asked about his favourite project, he directed us to the bungalow of Mr.Hameed Kurikkal in Maalamkulam, Malappuram. Both the client and architect being lovers of nature decided not to hurt or disturb the natural structure like the difference in levels , the rocky and hilly nature etc. Mr. Hameed and family who were living in the town of Manjeri was fed up with the noisy and scurry life of town and were craving to live in a peaceful atmosphere. For this the suitable place was their ancestral land, a 4 acre property in Maalamkulam which was a real advantage for serenity.Luxusry-aug-3-1024x682

The house is built in three levels. A good combination of natural and architectural ideas enhanced the eloquence of beauty. Getting down from the first level which is built parallel to the ground, makes one feel like they are descending a hill. Another benefit of this villa is that we could get into the house from all four sides.

By sitting in the living room the whole glamour of the house can be observed. Another highlight of the living room is the wall completed with Chinese clay. Most of the frequently used areas such as living, dining, bedroom and prayer room are confined to the main level. The arrangement in the prayer room draws our attention. A sitout near the dinning provides relaxation and lets us enjoy the tranquility of nature.Luxury-aug-5-1024x618

The other three bedrooms are on the second floor. The light shade used in these rooms helps one to loosen up pressures and settle down peacefully. This house is planned so ideally that from the bedroom window we get a glimpse of the house interior. The main entrance from the road can be observed by one from the master bedroom balcony. The contemporary styled bathrooms are provided with modern fittings and accessories. The topmost balcony serves as a watch tower. There is no need to go to Munnar or Kodaikkanal for vacation as this house provides one all the luxuries of a resort.

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