This house which did not posses any special elevation was reconstructed in colonial style. Jamaal’s 30 year old ancestral home was renovated without losing its initial essence. 

Project Specifications

Architect : Sindhu Kumar

Client : Jamaal

May 8th, 2013
Not Renovating, just polishing!

The courtyard is designed right at the center of the gas kitchen, pantry, servant’s room, work area, fire kitchen, store room and the master bedroom. This allows ample light and air to enter these rooms. No major additions have been made to the upper level. The kitchen has been modified for more comfort. The side car porch is relocated to the front of the house and also double height pillars have been included. The frosted glass railings given to the balcony and the Mangalore roof tiles with M.S truss work on top of the terrace have also added the beauty of this house. The old mosaic floor is replaced with ruff vitrified tiles.

Warm shade tiles have been used in the interiors to get more light. Most of the furniture has been polished and the new furniture used is made according to length and width of the rooms. The curtains and carpets are of the same color as the upholstery. Veneer and plywood is used for the TV unit, paneling works, wooden decorations on the ceiling and the wardrobes. Gypsm false ceilings have been provided for concealed lighting. Besides cove lighting, down lighting equipments are also fixed to the false ceiling. Before one could enter the dining room only through the living, but now when the wall near the stair was removed, one can also enter through the staircase area. This wall has been replaced with a sliding glass door.

For privacy glass film is stuck to the sliding door which would also let in light to the staircase area. The small windows opposite to the dining have been replaced with a door cum window. A pantry table is included in the gas kitchen. Tall units and cabinets have also been added to the kitchen, work area and store rooms. A portion of all the bedrooms were the bed is placed is highlighted with wooden flooring. In most of the bedrooms a study area is also included. Ar Sindhu Kumar has renovated this house by maintaining all the good elements of the previous one.

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