August 3rd, 2013
Older than 30 years

August 3rd, 2013
Older than 30 years


A home at Kottooly, Calicut, older than 30 years, has been renovated by interior designer Muhammad Muneer.

It was the demand of client John Thattil and his wife Sony to retain all the old qualities of the residence and preserve its old world charm. So the renovated home is based on the concept of a mix of the traditional and semi- contemporary design styles.

Nothing new was added to the design but the structural restoration of the existing house resulted in the inclusion of three fold facilities in this home. There were previously many rooms with no proper light or ventilation but, with the renovation, there has been a magical transformation and all the rooms are now brightly lit and ventilated.

This 3100 sq. ft. home is built with 5 bed rooms, dining and living areas, a kitchen, an upper living room, a balcony and a prayer hall. The main changes in elevation are done up attractively in pergola work on a beam built on the façade.  The original entrance has been modified into a plain one by removing a shutter and changing the elevation. Truss work and shingles sheets have been used.

The previously small entrance to the dining room has been enlarged three fold. Folding doors instead of the old windows let in free air and sunlight into the interiors. A wash-cum-crockery unit is arranged near the old store room. There is a patio that connects the dining room to the exterior.

The children’s room, designed in a white and blue combination, is set near the family living area. The false ceiling is built with gypsum board.  There is foot light using LED strip.

The bedroom for the mother is totally designed traditionally. All bed rooms have a common feature of wooden panel and lighting. More windows have been built in the master bedroom. There is a newly added dressing cum storage unit in the master bed room as well.

The kitchen cupboard is designed with ply wood, mica and veneer. There is a hanging light in the kitchen. A working kitchen also is provided here.

There are many common and cosy spaces inside the home for family get togethers. There is a balcony upstairs to view the scenery outside. A beautiful landscape has also been built.

The highlight of the renovation is the transformation of the old and dark rooms into airy, bright and sunny ones.



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