August 5th, 2013
Planning your home with care

Many of us build homes based on our dreams regardless of exact planning and excellent execution. It’s very important to have a detailed plan in order to create a desirable home as per our aptitude, life style and budget.

Right from selecting the plot to the positioning of the rooms to the interior detailing, everything should be well-thought out and included in a good plan. The more technologically aware we are about the construction, the more positive results we get. Here are some important things to know about the technology of construction of a home.

The foundation is the most important factor in the construction as it should sustain and transfer the weight and pressure of the building into the earth. The type of foundation depends upon the design of the building, rigidity of the soil, features of the plot and weight of the building. There is no need to spend too much on the foundation if the soil is solid and strong.  But, if the soil is weak, the foundation should be built only after finding out the N value of the soil, using STP (Standard Penetration Test) which is done to provide information on the geotechnical engineering properties of soil. So long as the foundation is strong, the strength of the house is guaranteed.



Simple, sustainable and eco- friendly homes can be built of local materials having less embodied energy. Plastering using environment-friendly stuff and clay structures are utilized in such constructions. Having a central hall with no mechanical devices offers you comfortable space to relax and unwind inside.  As per our traditional style, we in Kerala normally build sloping roofs. Here, while choosing nature-friendly materials, it is important to ensure that it’s built well, as the possibility of leaking is high for sloping roofs.

The interiors

It is also very important that to manage flooring, painting, plumbing, lighting and wiring in the final stages of the construction. The major use of tiles is for flooring. So, it is better to give priority to durability rather than aesthetics. Generally granite and marble tiles are used for flooring. Ceramic, vitrified, mosaic tiles and so on are some of the common tiles. Vitrified tiles are more effective and are commonly preferred over the rest. This latest trend in tiles is more durable, scratch-free and has lasting colour effect. Ceramic tiles are generally used for the bathroom and kitchen. Many other designer tiles are also available today such as fabric design tiles. A laminated wooden flooring ensures against any scratches or damage. Moreover, the design has a classical look.


Painting should be carefully done. The colours we select for painting inside and outside the home will influence its look and feel.  There are two types of colours: cool and warm. Cool colours like green, blue and their shades create an impression of vastness & space while warm colours like red, yellow and orange make the rooms vibrant. For the ceiling, it’s better to use white or toned-down shades that ooze a feeling of coolness and comfort. Painting gives an attractive finish to both the building’s interior and exterior. Painting choices with stone finish, antique finish, metallic finish, wood finish etc are available.

Plumbing is done to ensure proper sanitation and leak-proof fittings.  The plan for plumbing can be drawn alongside the plan of the home. Concealed plumbing is done now a days. Plumbing with regard to drainage should be done with extra care. If the home is built in two floors, the bath rooms should be placed on the same level in both floors. It’s better to consult a professional before the wash basin, shower, tap, flush etc are selected, to ensure quality.

Electrification is also an important component. Use of high tensile strength cables for wiring facilitates heat resistance. Standard copper wires and plastic covering also provide safety. Not more than 10 units are to be used in light circuits. Make sure earthing is done properly, in order to avoid any voltage issues.

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