May 8th, 2013

Unlike building a new house, restoration requires proper planning and numbering. 

Project Specifications

Architect : Ajith Menon

Client : Sonia & Keat

Location : Mararikulam, Alappuzha

May 8th, 2013

UK nationals Sonia & Keat are the owners of this historically valued Ambinadu Naalukettu at Kollengode. The house was restored to Mararikulam in Alapuzha with the help of Ar. Ajith Menon. Keeping in mind a service villa, it was not an easy task for Ajith to restore the house. Unlike building a new house, restoration requires proper planning and numbering.

Rest-Ajith-May12-11-1024x682Each section of the house is numbered and then dismantled. It is then restored with the help of these numbers to the new location. This numbering technique is crucial when it comes to roofing. Slight variations may result in the complete failure of the project. The basement is raised up to 4ft in the new location considering its proximity towards the beach. The initial 6 bedrooms were reduced to 3, to include more space and lighting. Modern equipments and comforts are cleverly provided without losing its ancestral structure. Terracotta tiles, slate granite, a swing in the front yard, a lamp etc are included to showcase Kerala heritage. Damaged wood have been replaced and steel is used wherever required with wooden case. Air conditioning, electrical services etc have been hidden in the ceiling.

The old house had a “nilavara” which was relocated to the master bedroom in preference to Sonia & Keats request. An outhouse is also included to the new Naalukettu. The kitchen is constructed in modular fashion with modern facilities and equipments. Before all bathrooms were located in the exteriors which are now renovated with modern facilities. A bathroom has been attached to one of the bedrooms. The center courtyard is having facilities for artificial rain. This water is then circulated. The old wood of the house is protected with P.U coating. Ar. Ajith Menon has relocated the old Naalukettu to its new location without losing its original traditional inherence.

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