May 1st, 2013
Simple Form

The design is based on the idea of simplicity 

Project Specifications

Architect : Madan M Jayram

Client : M.K.S. Nair

Location : Cochin

Project brief

The grey & white colour combination and the interior settings add to the beauty of this house. A remote-controlled gate and attractive landscape are provided. The compound wall is built in a vertical box pattern. The living space, dining area, TV unit and the prayer area share a single spacious hall, without partition. The kitchen follows a single module fashion. This house includes one bedroom, which is on the ground floor, and three bedrooms, a living space and a balcony on the first floor. Double entry, leading to a common space, is provided to get a different look. The staircase is made of glass steps, which is very attractive. There is an open terrace as well as a servants’ room on the second floor. This open terrace is utilized as a beautiful vegetable garden. The entire house is built in a very simple style.

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