August 2nd, 2013
Spiritual Home

Bangalore based, young architect Dhruv Bandra, Ar. Niranjan Das Sharma from Kollam and an architecture student Lola Mulledi from Spain, under the leadership of veteran architect Dominic Dube teamed up together for designing ‘Spiritual Home’, a well planned project to keep alive the cultural tradition of Kerala.

The team worked on the belief that every home is a temple that focuses on spirituality without religion. According to the Spanish architecture student, this home in Kerala reminds one of a temple with its sculptures on teak wood, the supporting pillars and a wooden staircase.

The ground floor of the ‘Spiritual Home’ is designed for the aged parents. The grandparents’ room is designed to facilitate an enjoyable view of the old buildings in the plot and recall the past. The living, dining areas and the kitchen are on the ground floor. The kitchen is built to receive plenty of sunshine and the dining room is set near the kitchen at the north-eastern part. There is an entry to the garden outside from this area. The homely family room has been designed to occupy a significant space in this home and is surrounded by greenery that is pleasing to the eye. The ground floor is built based on the open concept, by making use of a wooden louver and double skin glass. At the same time, care has been taken to ensure the privacy of the bedrooms.

The central court yard is the result of an experiment to combine botanical elements with architecture to suit an urban home. It’s meant to be a meditation space as well. The first floor is called ‘Green House’. All rooms on the first floor are designed to receive the cool shade of trees wafting in through the glass windows. The children’s room is set in the open style, with a facility to communicate with the neighbours.  The parents’ bedroom is located near the children’s room.

Ar. Dominic Dube designed this home, connecting architecture with nature and the environment. Each and every corner of the home is filled with and radiates spirituality. This is a very unique, cost-effective and sustainable design model that the people of Kerala can easily follow in construction.

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