Colonial style houses are not a novel idea in Fort Cochin & Mattanchery. A house built in this style, near Kollam railway station, is clear evidence that admirers of colonial style villas still prevail, even after a decade – to the end of colonialism. 

Project Specifications

Architect : Thomas Jose

Location : Kollam

May 8th, 2013
The Unique Victorian Style

According to architect Mr. Thomas Jose, the colonial era homes in Kerala are a fusion of classic and Victorian style which changed according to the climatic conditions of Kerala. The verandahs in the exterior, the height reduction of gables, size of windows, roofing with local tiles etc were some alterations that transformed the Victorian to colonial styled homes in Kerala.

The owner and his family were aware of the difficulties and risk they would face in raising such a building. After approaching many architects, it was only Mr. Thomas Jose of Dhrumam Architects who came forward to accept this challenge. The first step of the architect was to make the client alert about the complexity that would arise when the Victorian style and the climatic conditions of Kerala would blend. But to his surprise the client and his family were adamant in their decision.sept-Arch7-1024x682

The roof of this house is 30mts in height. The windows are 9 ft long without sunshades. Another specialty of these windows is that they are opened like shutters rather than the normal windows which are opened inwards or outwards. The big pillars in double heights, the front door in arched shape, all provides a Victorian touch. The rooms are all in double height and with wooden flooring except the kitchen and the foyer. The black and white tiles in the foyer area make it more captivating. The stair area is another highlight. It is located in a big hall with double height and has the access from two sides which gives a difference. The puja room with Kerala mural painting really creates a spiritual mood.The bedrooms and the furniture all caters to the Victorian style. The bathrooms are also in contemporary with huge windows and modern accessories. A spiral staircase to the second level is also an attraction.

It took five years to complete this project. The work was supervised by contractor Mr. George of Kripa constructions, Kollam. According to the architect it was the support of Mr. George, the laborers and the client that made him complete the project with utmost satisfaction.

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