August 3rd, 2013
Village Beauty

Abhilash Joseph dreamt of a home in a complete village atmosphere. He fulfilled his dream by building a beautiful home at Malapparamba, Calicut. Ar. Bijoy Manuel is the person who designed this home in a 3500 sq. ft area. The cladding stones on the front wall and the green lawn add to the attractiveness of this village house. The one-floor home having a sloped roof is decorated with a Kerala style elevation.

From an L-shaped sit out, there is an entry to the foyer space where the prayer hall is set. There is also an entry to the living area from the foyer space. The detailed paneling on the ceiling is the highlight in the living room. There is a variety of wooden paneling that decorates the ceiling. The rest of this woodwork is spread across a part of the wall. Having a wooden floor, a discussion area is another feature which is set adjacent to the foyer space.

There are 4 bedrooms having wooden flooring. Dark cladding stone is used on the wall in the head rest part of the cot in the master bedroom. A wall table and TV unit are located here. There is a facility for a wardrobe and dress area in all the bed rooms.  In the children’s room, texture paint is used instead of black cladding. There is also a space for the study area here.

Having glass at the centre, a wooden dining table with imported chairs is yet another attraction. The breakfast room is set between the kitchen and the dining area. There is a wash area outside, adjacent to the courtyard.  Cladding stone for the wall around the wash area and wooden paneling for the wash base are used. Windows having toughened glass ensure views of the courtyard scene outside from the living and dining rooms. As a part of the courtyard, there is a family party space which can accommodate fifty persons.

For easy maintenance and cleaning, the kitchen is provided with minimum space. Granite flooring is used in the kitchen. Glass and steel are used for the top cupboards while teakwood is used for the cupboards beneath the counter.



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