August 5th, 2013
With time, in a low budget.

August 5th, 2013
With time, in a low budget.

Alappuzha is a dearest land for tourists. Looking into the natural beauty of this amazing destination, businessman Alex Thomas fulfilled his dream of a home here by buying 9.5 cent plot along with a home.

It was an old home but the client never wanted to demolish it instead he planned to renovate the home. He shared his need with designer Anees Hakim who then followed a simple design theme ‘less demolition more utility’ with the minimum budget.

This two-floor home is built in 2500 sq. ft. Renovation has been done in contemporary style. No more demolition, elevation is decorated with cladding stone and G.I. square tube. Interior is as spacious as per the demand of the client. A large living room and a spacious master bedroom are attractive. But at the same time, the minimum furniture is used.

Dining, bed room and kitchen along with the old furniture were kept as it is. A white colour theme has been followed and the TV unit is set on the partition wall in texture paint in ply wood. Vitrified tiles in mat finish are used for flooring and gypsum work is done on the roof. The passage area adjacent to the living area is highlighted. A bachelor bedroom is set behind the partition wall in the large living area.  A prayer area is also set near by the staircase. Steps are built in wooden paneling.

The master bedroom is on the first floor having a space of two bedrooms. The tiles in wooden finish are used for a part of the floor where the bed is and the other parts are built with the vitrified tiles. The focus of the master bedroom is on natural light and space.

The old kitchen has got a modern touch in L shape. The marine plywood cupboards are laminated in steel and wood finish. The old marble has been kept in the kitchen floor.

There were shopping rooms adjacent to the home. The staircase was in the middle of the home and the shopping rooms. In renovation, these two buildings were merged by building a hall covering the staircase. There was a beauty parlor in the ground floor of the shopping rooms and dresses on the first floor. This beauty parlor has been renovated to the spacious living room and the dresses have been changed to the bed room.

Instead of the small ventilations in aluminum and glass in the front of home, UPVC frame glass windows are given in the renovation. A box design above the window with a modern design sun shade makes the overall look of home a modern contemporary style home.

Designer: Anees Hakim

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